Still too early to throw accusations at those responsible for fire at Grenfell Tower, better just to demonise already marginalised communities, the right-wing press is saying

tory propaganda

Journalists this week have exhausted efforts to find marginalised communities to slander in order to deflect blame away from the government, councils and corporations responsible for causing the Grenfell catastrophe, sources confirm.

According to certain areas of the press, “we can’t start pointing fingers” at the rich and powerful before we know the full extent of the problems they’ve caused by putting profit before people and while there is still a whole bunch of under-represented sections of society to direct blame at.

“It’s far too early to say this is a longstanding government issue of ignoring the concerns of residents regarding fire safety regulations over a period of several years and private firms threatening legal action against anyone who complains,” said one apparent journalist.

“It would be better to blame the poor people themselves for not being able to buy more expensive refrigerators and for living in an unsafe building.”

Government Ministers refused to be “drawn in” to speculation over who was to blame for what. “Quite simply there is not enough evidence at this time despite all the evidence we have about why a whole building would go up like a touchpaper in a matter of minutes, so we have to look at other options for scapegoating, for instance immigrants, they haven’t had a kicking in a while.”

In order to “strike a balance” on the possible root causes of problems in social housing and corner-cutting by private companies, the Mainstream Media said they “must continue to allow extreme right views to persist.”

“If that means ignoring hundreds of thousands of people marching on Downing Street calling for action and labelling the crowds rightfully expressing their anger as a ‘mob’ then so be it.”

Journalists chimed: “We must not jump to conclusions about government involvement, collusion, corruption, mismanagement etc in this tragedy before we have a chance to subject the victims to years of demonisation.”

Commentators took time out of their busy schedule of blaming victims to criticise protesters for protesting, noting that it was “disgraceful” that people who “didn’t die in the fire” were out on the street calling for action on behalf of those who had died in the fire.

“Look at these lefty bandwagon champagne socialist snowflakes,” said one columnist. “some of them don’t even live in high rise tower blocks. Some of them aren’t even poor – who do they think they are demonstrating alongside the actual residents and showing solidarity like they are one in the same?”



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