The BBC has stressed how vital it is in the time of such an important General Election to deliver fair and balanced blanket coverage of Tory propaganda, reports say

boris broadcast

The British Broadcasting Corporation has stated that high-quality impartial journalism and a determined and unquestioned slew of petty personal attacks against Labour by high profile politicians like Boris Johnson are at the heart of the institution’s political integrity.

The BBC takes pride in providing a platform for fair and unbiased coverage of everything the Conservatives have to throw at Jeremy Corbyn, said a statement given by BBC news correspondent Laura Kuenssberg, readjusting her blue rosette to keep it just out of shot.

In the run up to a General Election, the BBC reiterated the “necessity” that a neutral institution with the audience of millions represents a wide range of political views, from Boris Johnson’s outright lies to Theresa May’s appeasement of far right groups in response to terror attacks.

“It’s only fair that both of these uncontested views are featured heavily on programmes with large audiences, such as BBC Breakfast and Radio One’s Newsbeat,” said the BBC. “If the general public are not able to see round-the-clock Tory propaganda, how will they be able to make an informed decision on which way to vote on Thursday?”

Similarly the BBC said they would be unable to clear up any confusion over Jeremy Corbyn’s links to the IRA, his position on “shoot-to-kill” policies, and the reasons for his opposition to draconian anti-terror legislation.

“To tell the full story of Mr Corbyn’s open discussions with the leaders of Sinn Fein in the 1980s and his role in the eventual Good Friday Agreement would be a breach of impartiality because we would then have to dredge up Margaret Thatcher’s secret talks with the IRA behind closed doors after she told the British public that ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists.’

In short, it would mean telling the public niggling details about Thatcher’s deceitful Government, which could encourage people to question what else they are being lied to about, which is potentially quite a lot. In doing so we would have to breach impartiality guidelines. So you see our problem.”

In fact the BBC has remained so resiliently impartial in recent weeks that it refused to separate the images of Jeremy Corbyn and Osama Bin Laden in a feature on Tuesday’s Daily Politics.

“It would be unfair to differentiate between the leader of the Labour Party and the orchestrator of 9/11,” said the BBC. “That would be a breach of our impartiality rules.”

The BBC insisted last week that their hands were tied when Captain Ska’s song ‘Liar Liar‘ reached the top 10 and Radio 1 refused to play the song due to impartiality rules.

This strict position of political balance was demonstrated on the midday BBC politics show as a terrorist segment was introduced with a mocked up photograph of Mr Corbyn standing next to Bin Laden.

“It is imperative for a respected institution such as the BBC not to associate Mr Corbyn with being a terrorist sympathiser this close to the election,” said a statement. “By broadcasting an image that insinuates links to terrorism we are leaving it up to the public to decide for themselves.”

After the BBC Trust ruled that the Labour leader had been misrepresented in an interview over “shoot-to-kill” policy in April, the BBC went on to play the same edited clip implying the same stance in line with the right-wing agenda to inflame the situation and create hysteria.

“The BBC fiercely promotes free speech and provides coverage of the entire spectrum of political debate featuring leading stories of the Conservatives’ increasingly pathetic personal attacks alongside a series of misquotes from Corbyn himself,” said a BBC Trust statement.

“You can’t get fairer than that.”



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